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Leka System Certified Installer Training

The LEKA Warm Conservatory Roof and the LEKA Orangery Roof Systems are real game changers in conservatory Roof and Orangery Roof design and the impact on the industry is reflected in the number of new sign ups and training programmes that have been conducted.

So if you’re looking for value-added Conservatory and Orangery Roofing Systems and want to stay ahead of the competition, LEKA SYSTEMS have the answer you’ve been looking for, please call and ask for details of our next training course.

The benefits of becoming qualified as a Leka certified Conservatory and Orangery Roof Installer

Tiled Conservatory & orangery Roofs are one of the biggest home improvement trends on the market and we know that more and more homeowners are looking for trusted installers to fit their Tiled Conservatory Roof Replacement or Orangery Conversion.

System Knowledge01.

You will be trained to fully understand the unique benefits of the Conservatory and Orangery Tiled Solid Roof Replacement & conversion systems.

Customer Requirements 02.

Each layer of the Leka system will be explained in detail to assist you in providing a tailored solution for your potential customers.

Support 03.

As a Leka Replacement Certified installation company, you will receive a corner sample as part of a pack that can be shown to potential clients.

UK Wide
Installation Potential04.

You will receive a qualification to verify you as a certified Leka Systems installer and capable of installing the Leka System across the UK

LEKA System
Knowledge & Understanding 05.

You will be fully tested to ensure your knowledge of the Conservatory and Orangery Roofing Systems is of the highest standard

and Sales Support 06.

Marketing support and Conservatory and Orangery Roof Replacement lead generation is offered to certified installation companies

LEKA Tiled Conservatory and Orangery Replacement Roof Training.

We have been Training Companies and Sole Traders for the installation and sales for the LEKA Tiled Solid Conservatory and Orangery Replacement Roof System Since 2017. Please Call for details of the course, dates and availability.

Why become a Certified LEKA SYSTEM Conservatory and Orangery Roof Installer?

Only Companies and Sole Traders who complete a LEKA Approved training Course and gain a certificate can call themselves a Certified LEKA Replacement Tiled Roof Installer.

Become a Certified LEKA Roof Installer and increase your bottom line

LEKA Conservatory and Orangery Replacement Roofs are already proving to be a big business boost for installation companies in the South West and South East. The LEKA SYSTEM is perfect for replacing old Conservatory and Orangery Roofs or building new for your customers.

Please Call for More Information, receive a quotation or how you can become an approved LEKA Roof System Installer